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Victoria Gonikman wins Hoop, Ball, and AA titles at USA Gymnastics Championships

NorthWest Rhythmic's Level 7 athletes, Victoria Gonikman and Alexandra Ebert, collectively won three gold, three silver, and two bronze medals at the national USA Gymnastic Championships in Greensboro, NC today. Additionally, NorthWest Rhythmic's Level 8 athlete, Elizaveta Shliomina, posted a personal best at her very first National Championship.

Victoria Gonikman won a silver medal for floor and gold medals in both hoop and ball, receiving some of her highest scores of the season, and finished 1st All-Around in the 2007 Age Division in Level 7. Without any age divisions, Victoria finished 3rd in Hoop, 1st in Ball, and 2nd All-Around out of all of the best Level 7 athletes in the entire country.

Alexandra Ebert won a bronze medal for floor and a silver medal for hoop, finishing 3rd All-Around in the 2007 Age Division in Level 7. Without any age divisions, Alexandra finished 5th All-Around in the country.

Elizaveta Shliomina finished 4th in Floor, Ball, and All-Around in the 2005 Age Division in Level 8. Despite qualifying to the National Championships as the 9th representative from Region 3, Elizaveta's hard work and dedication led to her finishing 1st among all of Region 3's Level 8 participants.

Lastly, Victoria and Alexandra's scores contributed to Region 3's silver medal finish in the Level 7 Team Event.

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