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Our recreational Rhythmic Gymnastics Program is open to anyone. This is the best way to discover the wonders of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Our Recreational Rhythmic Program is appropriate for either the beginner or for the athlete who is interested in a non-competitive environment. The gymnasts are guided through stretching, ballet, dance and rhythmic gymnastics body technique incorporating the use of rhythmic gymnastics apparatus - ropes, hoops, balls, ribbons and colorful scarves - in harmony with music. Our recreational program offers physical fitness and fun while teaching basic level skills in a friendly, playful, and supportive environment. Classes will be designed for all ages from 3 to teens at all ability levels and will be taught by certified coaches.  The benefits of Rhythmic Gymnastics to girls in their formative years include physical fitness, self-discipline, positive self-esteem, lasting friendships, team skills, fun and a healthy lifestyle that the gymnast will sustain for life. Each year, annual shows will be held for parents and friends where gymnasts can demonstrate their accomplishments. We expect that many of these gymnasts will progress through into the competitive program.

Toddler Program (3 - 4 y.o.)
NorthWest Rhythmic's 3 and 4 year old recreational/beginner gymnastics classes introduce the toddlers to the magic of Rhythmic Gymnastics by teaching them the basic skills and how to use the apparatus like ribbons, hoops, balls, and ropes

Our toddler classes introduce young Princesses to the magic of Rhythmic Gymnastics in fun and creative ways. The kids will learn basic rhythmic gymnastics skills and play with the rhythmic gymnastics apparatus including ribbons, hoops, balls, and jumps ropes. They will learn fun routines to showcase at the annual parent shows. 

Class Duration: 45 min, 1-2x/week

Tuition paid on a monthly basis

Open enrollment

Program Descriptions
Recreational Program (5-7, 8-10, 11+ y.o.)
Recreational Program, Balls

This program introduces young girls to the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics in fun and creative ways. The kids will learn the basic skills of rhythmic gymnastics and will be taught how to work with rhythmic apparatus (including ribbons, hoops, balls, and jump ropes). They will master fun routines to showcase at annual parent shows.

Class duration: 1 hr, 1-2x/wk

Tuition paid per month

Open enrollment

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