NWR Wins Four All-Around MN State Titles

March 27, 2019

Congratulations to NWR's four All-Around 2019 Minnesota State Champions without age divisions:


LEVEL 3: Eloise Krill (left photo)

LEVEL 5: Emma Shi (center photo)

LEVEL 9: Victoria Gonikman (right photo)

LEVEL 10: Erica Foster (right photo)


Additionally, congratulations to NWR's All-Around MN State Champions within their age divisions:


LEVEL 3: Ella Y (Child A), Eloise K (Child B 2012)

LEVEL 4: Anisiya C (Junior A)

LEVEL 5: Diana K (Child C 2009), Marianna S (Junior B), Emma S (Child C 2010)

LEVEL 6: Chanel M (Child C) 

LEVEL 9: Leilani B (Junior B 2006), Victoria G (Hopes)


And congratulations to NWR's event champions within age divisions:



Floor: Ella Y (Child A), Eloise K (Child B 2012)

Hoop: Ella Y (Child A), Eloise K (Child B 2012)

Ball: Alisa T (Child A), Eloise K (Child B 2012)



Floor: Olga D (Child B), Gloria B (Child C), Anisiya C (Junior A)

Ball: Lera B (Junior A)



Floor: Emma S (Child C 2010), Marianna S (Junior B)

Hoop: Emma S (Child C 2010), Diana K (Child C 2009), Marianna S (Junior B) 

Ball: Emma S (Child C 2010), Diana K (Child C 2009), Marianna S (Junior B)

Clubs: Emma S (Child C 2010), Diana K (Child C 2009), Marianna S (Junior B)



Floor: Chanel M (Child C)

Rope: Chanel M (Child C)

Hoop: Chanel M (Child C)

Ribbon: Chanel M (Child C)



Ball: Sophie Z (Junior A 2007)



Floor: Joy S (Junior B)

Rope: Joy S (Junior B)

Ribbon: Felicia M (Junior B)



Rope: Victoria G (Hope/Pre-Junior), Leilani B (Junior B 2006)

Ball: Victoria G (Hope/Pre-Junior), Leilani B (Junior B 2006)

Clubs: Victoria G (Hope/Pre-Junior), Leilani B (Junior B 2006)

Ribbon: Victoria G (Hope/Pre-Junior), Leilani B (Junior B 2006)

Hoop: Shany K (Senior)



Rope: Erica F (Junior)

Ball: Erica F (Junior)​​

Clubs: Erica F (Junior)

Ribbon: Erica F (Junior)



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